Attention new crested gecko owners!

As the biggest expo in my country has just ended, I thought it would be a good time to make a post about crested geckos and what the term ‘fired up’ means!

As you can see above, this is one of my crested geckos, Raven (Yes, all three photos are of him!). The first photo was taken early in the morning as he was just settling down to nap the day away and the bottom two were taken during the night (he was in the process of shedding!) just as I misted his enclosure and was about to turn the lights out!

Crested geckos can change the intensity of their colouring which is often referred to as ‘firing up’ or being ‘fired down’. When crested geckos are being active, eating, mating they will generally be fired up (like the two last pictures). 

However, when they’re settling down to sleep or have just woken up, they will usually be fired down. I’m unsure if this is to help them camouflage in the wild to hide from predators but it would definitely do the trick!

This is also important to know when you are looking to buy crested geckos at an expo or a pet store. If you go into a pet store and you see a bunch of cresties in an enclosure sleeping, you are most likely seeing them fired down and not fired up! Be aware of this so you don’t end up buying a beautiful blonde/cream gecko, bring him home and find out he’s not even close to the colour you wanted!